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Book One

My name is Stephanie Watson…

Stephanie is a flawed woman who loves a flawless God. She’s real. She’s authentic. She’s funny. Stephanie is strong. She is a retired United States Marine, who has vulnerabilities. I have vulnerabilities. I’m a woman. I’m a wife. I’m a mother. I love my man and my family passionately.

I began singing at the age of 4. I’ve sang almost everywhere you can imagine: schools, churches, cemeteries, studios, awards shows, festivals, US. Carriers, museums, stageplays and a myriad of other places.

I’ve had the pleasure to sing as background support once upon a time for some of God’s greatest voices of today: Fred Hammond, Charles Jenkins, Dewayne Woods, Donald Lawrence, Kim Burrell, Evangel, Jonathan Dunn, James Fortune, Brent Jones, Eddie Baltrip/Fulfillment and others. Some of it was live and some was of it was studio but I’ve had amazing fun.

My life has landed me in many places, finally and most notably in my purpose which is using my voice and love for the arts to love God and bless people.

I know my family and friends have been fussing at me for years to finally take a chance on me. I finally listened. This is my very first album and it’s entitled, “Authentic”. Why?

We live in a world of covers and copycats where there’s so many acts and sounds that are very generic, very auto-tuned. This world of entertainment, music, gospel and even ministry are filled with people trying to be whatever is accepted as the going flow or flavor of the month. No shade to them if that is their choice, but I’m different. I’m crazy and unique. I just have to be authentic in my own space without a defined or boxed in genre to let people know that they can really be themselves authentically, unapologetically and without restraint. What God has allowed me to become is a woman in a life without restriction. That’s who Stephanie Watson is – or better stated…

I am LIFE – without restriction.

– Stephanie Watson –

So let me share some small portions of my music with you and then I’ll tell you what I need…


Book One

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